Not every house sale involves selling a beloved family homes or well-kept vacation homes. Many houses today both on and off the market are unlived in properties that are unwanted by the current owners. Most often, these are family properties that have been inherited by someone who has no interest in moving in. Sometimes, the property is so old, long-abandoned, and so badly fallen into disrepair that it becomes impractical or even impossible for the current owners to make the house ‘move-in ready’ for a sale.

Perhaps the home is full of hoarded items from the previous owner, too old to easily repair, or just more trouble and expense to fix than the current owner can afford. In these situations, it’s best to sell a property as-is to get it off your hands in the current condition, even if it’s not traditionally ready for market. Today, we’re here to share three methods you can use to get rid of an as-is home before property taxes or repair costs drag you down.

1) Slash the Price

If you didn’t buy the house, then any sale proceeds are better than nothing, and even half-price is better than the money sink it may already be. Selling an unwanted and difficult to polish property can be done if you don’t care too much about getting the true value of the house in your sale.

The housing market is an eco-system. While first-time people looking for move-in ready homes are the primary type of buyer, there are other buyers who would be more interested in and capable of handling a currently shabby property. These buyers are known as flippers, people who buy currently unpleasant houses for cheap, fix them up, and sell for a profit. A home sold as-is with a slashed price is like a bat-signal for these buyers but you can’t guarantee there is a flipper searching for a project in your area, or that those nearby will see your property as an ideal next project.

2) The Right Seller’s Agent

Most real estate agents specialize in selling move-in ready homes in a specific area. But some real estate agencies and broker offices have a way of dealing with unwanted properties. From time to time, they are asked to move houses where the current owner is not interested in cleaning, repairs, or staging and they have to have a plan for these situations. If you live far away, sometimes a seller’s agent is your only effective option for selling a house no matter what condition it’s in.

For the most part, your agent’s plan to sell as-is will involve slashing the price. It might involve calling their flipper contacts or even fronting the cash to clean it up out of their final percentage cut. However, you also can’t guarantee that the agent you choose has a good plan for selling your home as is. Many will insist that repairs and paying for clean-up are necessary to sell a home or will slash the prices too much in order to meet their ‘days on the market’ quotas.

3) The Avenue Houston Home Buyers Guarantee

Once you’ve decided to sell a house as-is, the biggest hassle is finding a buyer. Maybe no one comes forward to investigate your home, or those who do try to demand repairs and clean-up when it comes to the negotiation phase. Either way, waiting for the right buyer can take months, sometimes years for a house you don’t have the time or resources to fix up. And fortunately, there’s a way to dodge this hassle as well.

Here at Avenue Houston Home Buyers, we’ll buy your house no matter how it looks. In fact, it’s what we specialize in. We’ll send a representative to appraise your unwanted property and offer you a cash price. No buyer search, no bank hassle. If you like the price and agree to sell your property to us, we’ll have the sale closed and get you paid within 30 days. Whether you live nearby or in another state, want to be involved in the sale or just sign the paperwork, we can get an unwanted house off your hands in it’s current condition.

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