How to Sell My House Fast for Cash: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

So you want to sell your home for the most cash that you can get for it. If you are like most sellers, you also want it to sell as quickly as possible. Obviously, the hard part will be finding the right buyer. Consider the following tips to sell your home for cash, as well as the downsides that come with each of them:

  • Find a Local Real Estate Agent

The first and most obvious option is to hire someone who sells houses for a living to handle your sale. These people will know your local market better than anyone else and will handle marketing and other aspects of selling your house. In order to sell the property quickly for cash, your agent should seek out buyers who have made other local cash purchases.

The downside of hiring a real estate agent is that it can take months for a house to sell. You may need to wait as long as six months. Note that six months is just the average. While it is entirely possible that it could sell in less time, it could also take considerably longer.

  • Sell It Yourself

If you sell the house yourself, without the help of an agent, you save yourself the agent’s fees. Unless you enjoy selling homes and have experience at it, that is pretty much the only pro. You will have to figure out the value of your home and list it yourself. Showings and paperwork will also be your responsibilities. How fast your home sells will depend on your marketing skills. Inventory can vary throughout the year, so just how much a home buyer is willing to pay will depend on when you choose to sell your home. Learn how your local market fluctuates to determine when buyers can afford to be picky and when they cannot. Selling it yourself will require that you research local comps and price the property appropriately.

One major con of being your own agent is that the sale will probably take longer than it would in the hands of a professional. Unless you know what you’re doing, it is easy for things to go wrong here. While you can certainly save a lot of money, there is a lot of tricky paperwork and it could also easily wind up being far more expensive than other options.

  • Help Your Agent With Marketing

Ok, so you have decided to hire an agent. If you are serious about wanting your home to sell quickly, you may be able to shorten the time it can take for a home to sell. Some marketing efforts on your part may be just what is needed to sell the home quickly. One good way is via social media. According to US News, social media is a valuable marketing tool that can help you sell your home quickly. Use your network of friends and family to spread the word of your listing.

This can be a major time investment and there is no guarantee of cash offers.

  • Offer Cash Buyers a Good Deal

Once you use local comps to learn how much your house is worth, consider incentivizing a cash sale. Offering a discount to cash buyers may be exactly what you need to get the house to sell without a long wait. Keep in mind that a cash buyer could purchase your home in as little as a week whereas someone purchasing it with a mortgage may take more than a month.

This requires you to spend time learning about real estate and then hoping that the right cash buyer comes along.

The tips above are not for everyone. They typically require time, can be stressful and involve a steep learning curve. If you absolutely need to sell your home for cash immediately, you probably need another option. Avenue Houston Home Buyers may be exactly that option. We buy homes for cash and in many cases, we can do it within days. Contact us today for more information.

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