Sometimes life sends a curve ball and you need to change course. Maybe you need to move, downsize, or change jobs. Whatever the case may be, unexpected changes can prove challenging if you don’t have the resources or tools to help you with the transition. This is especially true if you are in a situation where you need to sell your house fast. Having a way out of the situation will bring relief from a potentially stressful situation. Avenue Houston Home Buyer is a unique real estate company because we buy houses in any situation and we do it fast! We understand that people often need to make a quick move and don’t have the time for the long drawn out process of normal real estate transactions. That’s whereAvenue Houston Home Buyer steps in to make the transition seamless and stress-free. Here are three reasons homeowners choose to use Avenue Houston Home Buyer.

Recently divorced

Couples never expect to get divorced when they purchase a home together. However, if they do, then homeownership can get a bit sticky. Chances are they still owe a mortgage on it. If there is any equity, that will be considered a marital asset. The individual who keeps the marital home will also have to keep paying the mortgage on it. This is not always practical since usually, both parties contributed their income to the mortgage. Selling the home right away is the most economical and practical way to move forward financially. Avenue Houston Home Buyer will give you a cash price for your home that is both fair and fast. Plus, their offer is free whether you accept it or not. So, you really have nothing to lose.

Found a dream home

Sometimes you buy a starter home that is, well, to be frank, downright ugly. But it’s a beginning. You plan to fix it up and make it not so ugly. But over time you don’t get as much accomplished as you hope and on top of that, more bad things happen to the house making it even uglier! But the good news is the reason you haven’t had time to fix up your house is that you’ve been excelling really hard at work and now you are doing much better financially. So well in fact that you can afford to upgrade to a better home instead of fixing up the one you’re in. You really want a bit more space too. Then you find your absolute dream house and need to ditch the ugly house in a hurry. You can’t afford two mortgages at once. Again, Avenue Houston Home Buyer is there to assist clients to realize their dreams by buying your ugly house for you fast. This gives you the freedom to move on to the home you desire.


Maybe you are like some homeowners who are ready to downsize from a large home to one a bit more modest. Maybe when you bought it you had a house full of kids and now they are either married, in college, or living on their own. The house is too big for just you and your spouse and it’s a lot of clean and maintain. The thoughts of a smaller cozier home sound appealing (and you may be able to move closer to the grandkids). Or maybe you want to downsize to a home that is all on one level. Two story living may not be comfortable for some people with certain medical conditions. Avenue Houston Home Buyer steps right in and gives you a hand with buying your home. They will offer you a cash price on the spot so you’ll know right where you stand.

AvenueHouston, Texas

Life holds many changes and challenges. We never know when we may need to make a swift change. Having a place like Avenue Houston Home Buyer on your side is of great value and relief to people going through any of these situations. If you want a free cash offer for your home, get in touch with us today!

Is your house is in foreclosure (or in danger of it)? Are you considering selling it? We would love to talk to you about how we can help. Just contact us today!


When selling a home in Houston, you have many options to choose from. You could go through a realtor, sell your home on land contract or even become a landlord. If you are looking to sell quickly, however, and do not want to make repairs to your home, consider contacting us. We will buy your home “as is,” pay cash and close quickly.