Not every home ownership story is a dream come true. Thousands of homeowners every year find themselves in a bad situation and needing to get a bad house off their hands quickly. Perhaps you inherited a crumbling house from a recently departed relative. Perhaps your divorce can’t complete until the home sale proceeds are split. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to care more about closing a sale fast than any of the details in between.

And that’s exactly what Avenue Houston is here for. We specialize in helping homeowners in a bad spot get the cash offers and quick closing they need, no matter how the house looks at the time of sale. Whether you can’t afford repairs or just don’t have time, let’s take a look at five tough homeowner situations Avenue Houston can save you from with a quick and easy sale.

1) Packed with Hoarder Stuff

Many of the most complicated home selling situations come from inheritance, especially when the recently departed relative was a hoarder. Hoarding occurs when someone collects items without throwing them away for too long. The items might even have value, like boxes of collectible items or a purse collection that has taken over an entire spare bedroom. The problem is that it would take many weeks and truckloads just to get to the point of broom-cleaning a property. Much less fixing it up.

If you have come into recent ownership of house packed with hoarded items, it can cost thousands for clean-up services before the house is ready for market. Or you can sell to us and we’ll take care of both the clean-up and getting the house rehabilitated for a new family.

2) Serious Structural Problems

Home selling best practices insist that owners fix all structural and major appliance issues before putting a house on the market. In most cases, this involves a little patching up and a fresh coat of paint, but serious structural issues can cost many thousands of dollars to repair. From storm-damaged roof to foundation cracks, repairs can be more than you’re capable of facing.

Here at Avenue Houston, we can handle almost any kind of major structural damage and we don’t require a house to be perfect before we buy. In fact, we prefer houses that need a little love and will give you a cash offer for a house even with major structural damage.

3) Rushed Sale for Financial Reasons

From foreclosure to divorce to bankruptcy, sometimes you need money fast and the only solution is to sell your house. There are a number of financial and legal reasons why selling a house quickly becomes more important than the price you receive for it. Selling a home for “top dollar” can take months of repairs, decoration, and open houses. Selling a house efficiently, on the other hand, is all about finding the right buyer.

Let Avenue Houston help you with a no-obligation cash offer. If you accept, we can help you close within 30 days so you can move on after your divorce, avoid filing for bankruptcy, or any number of other personal situations where a home sale is the best answer.

4) No Money for Repairs and Staging

Fixing and marketing a home takes a certain amount of investment. Repairs can take anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Staging and marketing costs more on top of this. And let’s face it, many people just don’t have the funds to invest. Maybe you inherited a house and hadn’t prepared to budget it’s sale costs, or maybe the repair costs are much higher than you could possibly pay out of pocket. Whatever the reason, many home sellers find themselves needing to get rid of a property without the funds for the whole selling process.

Avenue Houston can cut out the costly marketing process. No need to repair, repaint, or pay for catering at open house events. You don’t need to woo us into buying, we already want your house!

5) Owners are Too Busy or Far Away

Sometimes, it’s necessary to sell a home without being able to pay any attention to it. Handling a property sale means arranging for repairs and decoration, talking to your real estate agent, talking to buyers, talking to lawyers, negotiating the sale, and finally jumping through sale-closing hoops. And you might just not have the time.

Maybe you live too far away to visit the house or meet buyers, maybe you just can’t get enough time away from work to manage any of this hassle. No matter why you don’t have the time, Avenue Houston will be happy to handle the whole rigamarole for you.

If you’re in a tough home selling situation where you don’t have the time, money, patience, or opportunity to perform the traditional seller tasks, we’re here to help! For a no-obligation, no-cost assessment and cash offer on your Houston area home, contact us today!

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Life holds many changes and challenges. We never know when we may need to make a swift change. Having a place like Avenue Houston Home Buyer on your side is of great value and relief to people going through any of these situations. If you want a free cash offer for your home, get in touch with us today!

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